Women Empowerment


Women Empowerment: The meaning of Women Empowerment is the creation of an environment where women can make independent decisions on their personal development as well as shine as equals in society. Till now we know that women are not treated well in society they have limited rights and dependent decision either on Father, Husband or Brother.  They have potential to work even more than the males, however, position in society is not very well. Many NGOs are working towards upliftment and empowerment of Women and we are also one of them. Youth the Power Foundation has created multiple opportunities for women in extra earning and to stand on their own foot. We found that many women (not every woman) can do Stitching, Beautician etc. etc. but every woman can do Cooking because it is the only work which every mother teach to a daughter so keeping in mind we have started one of a Project i.e. “MAHILAON KI RASOI” where some women are working together for their better life.

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Education: – Education is the prime need for any country and we are also contributing to growth of literacy rate in India.  Youth the power foundation has started giving Education Free to the society.  By the support of our volunteer and their funds, we have started many free learning centers to provide basic, intermediate and higher secondary education free of cost.  In our centers, we have the facility to take classes as coaching, complete course cover, Computer Courses, English Classes, Crash courses as well as test series and exams i.e. (Coaching for Bank Exam) to the needy student. We also provide free counseling sessions to inspire for our students and beneficiaries.  We also work for personality development, communication skill training, vocational training as well as professional courses to get child stand on their own foot.